Zero to Hero: Five Steps to a Blog People Will Actually Want to Read

Michelle WeberIn this session, aimed at people in the Blogger/User track, we’ll answer the question: « I started a blog; now what? »

We’ll cover five basic areas:

  1. Context (how to keep an active blog and your sanity)
  2. Customization (basic, free tweaks to make your site’s personality shine)
  3. Content (finding your voice and developing a content strategy)
  4. Community (becoming an engaged part of the blogosphere and finding your fans)
  5. Continue (where to go for help and inspiration)

The presentation will be relevant to uses of both and While we won’t be able to create the World’s Best Blog in 45 minutes, we can explore the world of possibilities, start to ask questions to focus our sites’ design and content, and come up with a game plan for building the site we want.

Prerequisites: This session is for beginning bloggers. It is helpful (but not totally necessary) if participants have already registered for a site or installed WordPress on their own host.