Build a Website on the Moon: WordPress Development from Anywhere

Sarah SemarkFrustrated with building WordPress sites? I’ve been there. Travelling, I often find myself with unreliable internet, and I realized that my development process needed an overhaul. So, late one night working with the geckos in Cambodia, I set about optimizing the process. After a great deal of trial and error, I developed a series of tools that will allow anyone to better manage their WordPress development practises.

This talk is designed to help you get a leg up on streamlining your development process so that you spend less time mucking about and more time making a beautiful website.

We’ll touch on how to get a local development environment set up and optimized. Then, we’ll talk about how to set up git for version control. We’ll learn how to keep everything—from plugins and themes to database changes—in sync, even once you have multiple copies of the site running on different servers, and different people making changes to the content. Along the way, we’ll discuss any potential snags and problems, as well as security issues and ideas for optimizing development. Finally, we’ll discuss best practises for moving from a development to a production environment.

Prerequisites: An overwhelming sense of frustration with WordPress development, and an understanding of basic WordPress folder hierarchy.

View the slides.